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What is “vaping” or “vaporizing”?

Guess what was the hottest, new trend word of the year 2014?

Yes, it was VAPING.

What is this vaping about?

“Vaping” is the purest method of smoking that there is! Vaping causes the least harm to your body.

By “vaping” or “vaporizing” – you are greatly minimizing your risk of getting sick since you’re no longer inhaling disgusting toxins and residue! It is definitely the much better option than traditional smoking and burning the herbs.

What is a Vaporizer?

By Google definition – A Vaporizer is a device that turns a liquid into vapor.

What kind of vaporizers are out on the market and how do you know which vaporizer is the best choice for you?

It depends on whether you enjoy vaporizing:

  • dry herb

  • waxy oils and concentrates
  • eLiquid (eJuice)

Not every vaporizer can vaporize all these options of either dry herbs, wax and eLuiquid, so it is very important to be sure that the vaporizer that you choose can vaporize your desired option.

How do you know which option?

Luiquid Vapes

Basically, liquid vaporizers were made for quit smoking. These work with a tank/atomizer to vaporize the eJuice(eLiquid).

Some studies show that it is healthier than regular way of smoking, but some other studies are quite scary because the liquid accumulates in the vaping individual’s lungs.

There are new eLiquids that have THC infusion but the possible harm is still the same when it comes to intaking it liquid form with a liquid vaporizer.

Waxy oils/concetrates

This is a form of cannabis, (medical marijuana) that is produced from the plant itself by heating procedure.

It is very concentrated and you can easily vape too much of it.

Some doctors do not recommend this form, because of similar health risk the liquid vaporizing brings.

There are many dry herb vaporizers that are also compatible with wax. 2 in 1 vaporizer.

What are some of the benefits of vaporizing Dry Herbs?

Even tho, we have a lot of doubt about consumption of wax, oils, concentrates, eJuice the good ‘ole natural form of weed will be always the most popular.

Just do the math, if you grab a joint and you light it, it burns at 2100 F. Herbs start combusting at 400F, so if you go above it, nobody says it is harmless,


the difference is obvious between those two

temperatures. Choosing portable vaporizer is choosing the elimination of 90% of the smoke.

Vaporizing is heating up the herbs without combustion to let the flavors and aromas escape.

Lets go a little deeper. Did you see those beautiful white crystals on a bud?

In vaporization, you vaporize that and not burn the plant away for unhealthy reasons 🙂

Note: expect much less smoke (=vapor).

If you are first time vaping herbs you need to make sure that you are aware that you will not see a cloud that you are used to. Most of the people think their vaporizer is not working correctly. But dont worry… instead get ready for the cleanest high you ever had.

Something to keep in mind is that certain herbs heat at marginally different temperature intervals. This is why it’s very important to do research on the various vaporizers on the market and get one that can vaporize with exact temperature control.

Also, there’s a much better taste from vaporizing since vaporizers don’t burn the herbs. You wouldn’t like the taste of burnt popcorn, right?

The initial investment may sound like it’s a lot since pricing can range anywhere from $100-$700, but the truth is that vaporizing is far more effective at extracting the active chemicals, meaning to get the desired result that people want requires less vaping compared to smoking.

You’re actually saving money over time! Truth be told, smoking cannabis (and other herbs) only delivers around 12% of cannabinoids which means that 88% are actually burned and

wasted. On the other hand, using vaporizers for cannabis are more efficient with 95% of cannabinoids delivered in the form of vapor

Many people might agree that they don’t like to smell the scent of the herbs, wax and/or tobacco. By vaporizing, you’re eliminating the smell completely. Since you’re not burning the herb, wax, oil or tobacco, this process is doing away with traditional smoking which causes to fact that vaporizers are virtually odor-free.

Do you prefer portable or desk top vaporizers?

That all depends on your personal preference as well! Desk top vaporizer tend to be more expensive due to the advanced technology, however there are pros and cons to either option. People who vaporize often tend to not enjoy a desk top vaporizer as much because they would like to have something portable to bring to the beach, on hikes or just simply to a friends house. It can be a huge inconvenience to have to lug around a desk top vaporizer.

So what make’s the Airvape Xs so special?

Well, let me provide you with some more awesome facts…

Airvape Xs is the thinnest and one of the most advanced performing vaporizers for dry herb and wax!

This air heating vaporizer, Airvape Xs is simple, sturdy yet detailed body has very easy to use settings with a 1.3 inch screen to display the battery level, the exact temperature and an automatic timer adjustment. You can choose to have an automatic 2 minute or 5 minute shut off time, which is great that it is automatic for safety purposes.

Also, you get to choose your exact temperature for your portable and rechargeable herb vaporizer up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit! Airvape Xs will let you know as soon as your desired temperature is ready with its vibration feature. Did I mention how fast the Airvape Xs heats up? Record time of 20 seconds heating time.

You might want to start your Christmas shopping early this year because these elegant gadgets are going to be flying off of the shelves!

Why would the Airvape Xs make the perfect gift?

The Airvape Xs comes in 4 very stylish colors – Rose Gold, Red Gold, Midnight Blue and Mystic Gray! You can pick that special someone’s favorite color and they will be so thankful to receive such an amazing, top shelf unit!

Airvape’s wax cup attachment is a much better option than the alternative!

So what can we do to make sure we are prepared for the trend of wax vaporizing?

AirVape is a great choice of a compatible vape with waxy oils and concentrates with the Wax Cup attachment.

What comes in the box?

The AirVape Xs, Wall Mount, USB Charger Cable, User Manual, Cleaning Brush, Packing Tools, Rubber Mouthpiece Cover, Leather Carrying Case with Magnetic Lid, Limited Lifetime Warranty (easily registered here on

Have you heard of any of Airvapes awesome accessories?!

Coming Soon: Airvape Xs Shell!

The Xs shell makes AirVape water resistant vaporizer and dirt-proof, making a perfect gadget on-the-go if you spend a lot of time outdoors or just simply want a sleek and even more discrete dry herb vaporizer.

The Xs Shell is not only a carry case, it is an extension of the already magical dry herb rechargeable vaporizer, AirVape Xs, because the absolutely minimal size increase when case is on.

The magnetic clip and easy slip-on makes it so convenient, it will basically become part of your vape. Compatible with all existing Airvape Xs models.

Have you checked out Airvape Promo’s lately?

You could literally pay zero dollars for an Airvape Xs just by referring 4 of your friends. Trust me, they would be thanking you for it!

Especially since Airvape keeps us up to date with the latest, best portable vaporizer 2017 trends and technologies.

All existing Airvape users qualify to receive a 50%++ discount to upgrade to future models at any time! See why they’re my favorite?

Out with the old and in with the NEW!

With Airvape’s Recycling Program – Even if you’re not an existing Airvape user and not satisfied with your current vaporizer, send Airvape your old dry herb vaporizer and you’ll receive a 30% off of Airvape Xs retail price! Plus by doing so, you’re contributing to the environment by recycling your old vaporizer correctly.

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